Smokeless Missiles? Yes.

In Military applications, shooting a missile with a lot of smoke tends to give your position away. This is true whether the missile is land-, sea- or air-based. If you are far away enough, the propellent making all of that smoke gets burned before the missile gets to its target.
This used to be a problem for rifles and pistols, but they came up with a “smokeless” cartridge. The bullet traveled towards its target without giving the position of the shooter away. Yes, there was still a heat and sound signature, but visually, it was difficult to locate where the shooter was. Today, we have suppressors or “silencers” to reduce both the heat and sound coming from the firing of a bullet.
The Militaries of the world have not figured out how to make Smokeless Missiles yet. When a Navy Ship fires one of its missiles, there is a long white trail that leads directly back to the ship that fired it. With today’s smart Anti-Ship Missiles the direction and distance from a target may be enough to instantly target a response. This, obviously, applies to missiles fired from ground units and from aircraft against ground or air targets.
Just as a technological break-through happened with bullets, the propellant for missiles can be modified to be “smokeless.”
Contact me for more information on how to make your missiles “Smokeless.”

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