Trinary Computing – More on the 3D Registers

I have gotten a lot of hits on the 3D Register using aluminum foil page. Most of them are just nonsense words, but I am being told people like the concept enough to leave a comment. OK. All of you Fans of this concept, go read or re-read my improvement to encryption; allowing a “function” call to run a program that enables 20-30 thousand additional variable into any encryption stream (from any algorithm).
To do this, I had to come up with a framework that allowed the encryption stream to work across platforms (IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Honeywell-Bull, etc.) as they all use different control characters. What I did was to invent a software structure for 3D Registers using vectors. OK. I just realized what I had done this morning. I have a software register to use the X, Y and Z values of algebra (and calculus).
So…..we do not have to wait for the world to catch up with me in the use of aluminum; that will come later to use these 3D Registers more effectively.
Oh, BTW, this will blow all the bullshit Quantum Computing efforts out-of-the-water. Who knows how to use Qbits that talk to normal bits/bytyes? Quantum computers must all operate near absolute zero/very cold. Are these follow-on efforts of the Optical computers ever going to be used in a tablet or phone? NO!!!! This just another way to keep the government/corporate research funding going another year or decade.
But, now, there is a software register framework to bring 3D programming into Binary instructions and data; we just make them Trinary.
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