Replacement for Silicon in Electronics (Chips and Circuit Boards)

Whether it be computers or cell phones or, even washing machines, our world is being run by silicon-based devices. Most of us do not know what goes into making silicon wafers in the various “Fab” facilities around the world. It is astonishing how much water is used and cleaned up afterward.

We call it “Silicon Valley” for a reason;  all of our digital technology is based on these silicon wafers. All of our circuit boards, motherboards, and chips are derived from these wafers.

Is there another way to make electronic chips and boards? Must we use ultra-pure silicon grown crystals? Silicon is very brittle which causes many limitations.

I have an alloy that I call MetaliGlass™ that is primarily composed of silicon (sand) and tungsten. See this in my new alloy section. This can be a replacement for pure silicon; it has all the properties of glass but is also a metal that can be bent, cut, filed, rolled, drawn into wire, welded, and molded. This new alloy can also be etched; just like silicon.

Why would we want to replace pure silicon? Because it is fragile/brittle, it must be deployed in small, flat, well-protected environments that can not take shocks. Vibrations tend to kill circuit boards and chips.

What if we wanted to deploy a circuit board or chips with a rounded foundation, like against part of a pipe? It may be the only place to add more processing in a limited space. What if we wanted a molded chip or circuit board again for space considerations, but also for design as well? What if we wanted to secure several of these circuit boards/chips together by welding them? Or secure several chips to the walls of the enclosure, again for space or design considerations? What if a circuit board or chip was going into an Army Tank, Navy Ship, Air Force Fighter, or Space Ship; is a metal backing a better, stronger, able to take more vibration choice?

MetaliGlass™ does not conduct electricity. It is very light; a bit less dense than aluminum. It is very strong; stronger than basic steel. It can be made to be fully transparent; like glass or reflective like mirrors. Because it is so strong, the base can be thinner. Because it is a metal, it will dissipate heat much more effectively than silicon alone. Heat is also a killer of boards/chips.

Anyway, we expect innovations; this is one for silicon.


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