What is Static Electricity? And What Else is it Good for?

We have all been shown the effects of static electricity. It is a curiosity. If you work on computers, you know that you must “ground” yourself or wear a protective tool to keep the static electricity from damaging sensitive circuit boards or components.

Static electricity is a form of what is called Direct Current(DC); it is the same kind of electricity as is stored in a battery. Yes, that battery in your phone, tablet, or laptop runs on DC power. Wait a second, you can take a comb and rub it against a sweater to generate electricity; maybe recharge a battery?

Yeah, but……. There’s not enough juice to bother; it is too low power. It is not worth looking at. Did you know that lightning bolts all come from static electricity? Yes, but that builds up in the atmosphere (a large system) and then discharges to the ground.

My point is that large amounts of static electricity can be accumulated. Elsewhere on this site, I have described an approach to capture lightning bolts and add the electricity to the Grid; it would need to be up-Volted for transmission.

What if we could design a more efficient generator of static electricity? Instead of a comb or plastic rod rubbing against wool, we could use something like a motor where something rotates inside of something else that makes static (DC) electricity. Wow. Could that make enough electricity to make it worthwhile?

Like many of my projects on this site, instead of trying to use plastic and wool, I asked about two different alloys that would rub each other the wrong way. Wouldn’t you know it? There are at least two new alloys that can be used to generate prodigious amounts of static (DC) electricity when spun in close proximity to each other. How much? Something the size of an alternator for your car can produce enough for a large house and all of its appliances.

This idea of using two different alloys is something we use every day in Nuclear Power plants; two reactor rods are brought close to each other to release electrons (heat) to boil water to make steam. Even, an electric motor/generator uses magnets and coils; two different alloys.

This Static Electricity idea has been around forever, but no one has picked it up and kicked it around. This is similar to looking at the pure sodium demonstrations that many of us have experienced; it was a gee-whizz curiosity and we put in it the later bin.

More and more of us are thinking (and planning) about a Grid-down failure; how do we keep our modern lifestyle going without electricity. Just as we can use a manual air pump or air bellows to make heat and steam using the Flash™ NaV alloy, a bicycle can be used to recharge batteries without wind or solar. Both of these approaches have the advantage of a smaller, less noticed footprint.

If you take this technology and apply it to a car or truck; they both have spinning wheels. That motion is all that is needed to make plenty of electricity to power the electric motors. Who says that our electric generators must be the same ones that our Great-Great-Great Grandfathers used.

Every day, we wake up and experience a world very different than any of us have ever known. Masks, jabs, lockdowns, working from home, social distancing, and increasing pushback to the forces trying to control/intrude on us.

On the home page of this site, I write about a shift in energy that we are all experiencing. Look around. Yah think. Everything of the old world is collapsing; Brexit, the EU, China, and Globalism. Even worse, we no longer trust our governments, the media, science, education, the courts, the politicians, our political parties; just too many lies on top of lies.

We are all experiencing what some have called the “Shift of the Ages.” We have all been forced to slow down, stand still and look around. Most of us have not had the time to do this in the past; too busy bustling around. This is a giant shift in energy. We are re-evaluating everything; is this what we want? and is this where we want to go? When it is all over, nothing will be the same as it was.

That will apply to all of our technologies, but most especially to how we make and use our energy. The old ways are being thrown in the trash heap of history; they just do not know it yet.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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