Recycle or Reuse Water – All Water

What is the best way to get water to its purest state? Simple, turn it to steam. The problem with steam is the expense. When water is turned to steam, it must be heated to above 212℉/boiling. The more you heat it, the more steam; live steam is at 221℉.  When water is transformed into steam (state change), anything dissolved in the water is left behind;  we call this distilled water. There are no impurities in distilled water; no bacteria, no viruses, no chemicals, no nothing. It is just water (H2O).

On my Home page, I have something called Flash™. I want to add Flash Heat™. It is a new alloy that makes the air very hot on contact. How hot? 230℉/110℃. How fast? Instantly.

This is the solution for making unlimited quantities of steam at very low costs. It uses the air as fuel; for most of us, the air is free. Yes, this is a replacement for nuclear reactor rods as well.

Pick your water; sewage, wastewater, contaminated water, drain water, or, even seawater. No matter what water you want to make drinkable or potable, turning it into steam purifies it (makes it distilled).

This new alloy can be used to replace reactor rods in giant nuclear power plants (large scale) or can be put on a flatbed truck and moved around. It scales. It can even be put in what we call Diesel Electric Locomotives to replace the diesel engine. With some clever engineering, it can be used to be the motive power for cars, trucks, boats, ships, and, even, airplanes; remember the fuel to make these go is the air and it is free.

It is a new heat source for wherever we need heat.


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