Our “Science” is having a Paradigm Shift

Anyone reading this site must ask themselves where is this stuff coming from?
I will answer that question now. For the past 50 years, we have been moving through a gigantic energy shift. Many of you will remember a popular song entitled, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension. That was descriptive of what was happening; we were leaving the Age of Pisces and moving into Aquarius. Never mind the details, we are now in Aquarius.
Our Science has been developed over the past 300-400 years with the Age of Reason, or Enlightenment followed by the Industrial Revolution (think Steam), followed by the Internal Combustion Revolution, followed by the Communications/Computer Revolution. Actually, the Communications Revolution overlapped steam and hydrocarbon engines in the form of the telegraph which was the first widespread use of electricity. All of this was part of the science that could be developed within Pisces as it was winding down. What was happening was the Aquarian energy was ramping up during the same period.
What I am saying is that all of our technologies that were developed over the past 300 years were all spawned by Aquarian energies bleeding into Pisces. Think about, prior to 300 years ago, we did horses, wagons, and sailing ships for 1000s of years. We had copper and tin (bronze), copper and zinc (brass), and even iron, but no steel yet. We tend to think we know nearly everything; we have changed our world so much that we even think that we are the cause of Global Warming.
As we approached Aquarian Energy (2012-2021), technological change kept accelerating. Why is that? It is because we were getting closer and closer to the energies that were changing our world.
Interesting. Anything else?
There is another shift that has been taking place. Our science has been based on the creativity level that we were in for the past several thousand years; call that a 3-level. Many people here with us now have been getting “knowings” that we were transitioning to some kind of new dimension whether they called it the “4th” or “5th.”
This is difficult for 3-level minds, but that is exactly what has been happening. We are in the process of transitioning to 5-level minds/creativities. People like me have discovered that we can go into places that we couldn’t go to before. Both the shift to Aquarius and to 5-level minds have been an overlapping, near-simultaneous event.
At the end of 2021, we will have completed the transition into Aquarius. Will things slow down? No, they will keep accelerating; the technologies of our fathers and grandfathers will no longer apply. A major trend we are seeing is the shift from internal combustion to electric vehicles. It is slower, but this will also happen to aircraft. It has already happened to trains and will be applied to ships; many new ships are running on electrical shafts powered by old fuel generators. What is this old fuel? Hydrocarbons and Nuclear will both be replaced soon.
We are now in what some are calling, the Digital Age of 5G and Quantum computing. But, wait a second, it is all based on binary code (1s and 0s); a 3-level limitation. The 5-level thinker will embrace new code that has 1s, 0s, and Neutral(s); think about it, when we shift gears from reverse to forward, we must go through neutral. When we change our direction, we must, however briefly, stop and change our vector. Binary worked well in the past, but moving forward, we must adapt to Trinary registers and code (x,y, and z).
We are just about to complete the shift into a New Age with more and more 5-level thinkers. The 3-level thinkers will say it cannot be done; in their paradigm, that is true.

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