Who I am and What My Background IS

I am an American. I have lived in the Philippines, briefly in Vietnam, and in the United Kingdom. I retired from Air Force Intelligence in the Pentagon in 1993 as a Major.

I entered the US Navy in January 1969 and served until December 1972 as a Communications Technician Radio. What that meant was that I was a High Frequency (HF) Morse Code Intercept Operator. What that meant was that I was trained on how to find target Morse Code signals and collect them for later analysis and reporting.

Morse Code first came with the telegraph lines and was used extensively to fight the American Civil War (1861-65). It was used in the Spanish-American War, the First World War,  the Second World War (the Ultra-Secret), and up to the 1970s in the Cold War. The militaries of the world used HF Morse Code to communicate their military operations/secrets right up to the advent of the teletype machines. This was true for all diplomatic communications as well. Teletype machines were just faster machine-produced versions of Morse Code that got faster and faster and became the basis for our computer networks.

As part of my job in the Navy, I was trained on how to use and set up various types of antennas, receivers, and recording devices. I did this on land, sea, and air. I had to understand Medium (MF), Very High(VHF), and Ultra High (UHF) frequencies and how they worked at various times of the day/night and atmospheric conditions. We had to break out the target frequencies and call signs being used as they were changed regularly. We got good enough to recognize the “fist” of the target code signaler; that made identifying the target easier. At my best, I could copy 42 groups of 5 characters, type them on a manual typewriter and format them for computer processing. That meant I was holding a moving string of 220 characters in my mind for several minutes. I was good, but many around me could do 30 groups per minute, or more, all day long.

I tell you this so you understand that I had a wonderful opportunity to really learn communications at a baseline level people do not learn about today. For example, before the Morse Code could be sent, a Carrier Wave/Signal had to be established, then the call signs had to be sent to as many as 5-10 outstations. How the target did this enabled us to identify (ID) them as well. Today, the Carrier or Propagation Wave is automatic and not even thought of. It is one and done, but it is really, one-two and done. The Carrier Wave is still required even for WiFi or Optical Fiber and in all Network traffic.

When I left the Navy, I went back to college and somehow ended up in AF ROTC. I went to Af Intelligence training where they were still focused on collecting, analyzing, and reporting military/diplomatic HF communications, but the US had moved entirely to highly encrypted teletype communications.  I had to learn about encryption keys and devices.

I was sent to the National Security Agency as an intern to the Director. As part of the Internship, I received 1000 classroom hours of instruction on many highly technological secrets, especially breaking encryption codes and electronic warfare. In the Navy, I was breaking into the Call Sign and Frequency “Rotas,” which was a good start, but just the beginning.

I did not realize that I had a wonderful mind for encryption; I could visualize many complex things and how they interacted; just like holding the moving code in my head.

In the Air Force, I had the best computers, software, and encryption devices available for the next 17 years. Essentially, I was in military communications, encryption, computers, and networks from the time High-Frequency Morse Code communications were being used to the Internet. I was even an ArpaNet user for several years before it became the Internet.

Talk about a fortuitous chain of events. But, was it accidental? No, everything in life is s SetUp. I was actually trained or focused on trying to improve our existing technologies or to come with better ones.

My last five years were spent in the Pentagon where I was an Action Officer in AF Intelligence. I was involved in many new technologies coming into the US Military.

My transition to being an Inventor took nine years. In 2002, I figured out how to re-configure my energy centers or Chakras. That shift enabled me to start talking/conversing with Nikola Tesla on the other side. Tesla never gives me anything; I must ask the right or correct questions and pull the information.

So… All of the technologies listed on this site are inventions that I had to pull piece by piece. My mental abilities helped; I am able to see a 3D, color mental image of the technology that I am asking about (after a few “Yeses”). I can render and raster it. I can assemble and disassemble it, I can rotate it and view it from any angle, I can shrink or enlarge it, I can measure it or any of its parts, and more.

This is an incredible talent. It is like having a lab in my head. In my conversations with Tesla, he tells me that he, too, had this talent. Same for James Watt (Steam), James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell Equations), and Da Vinci. There are others as well, but like Beethoven, it is rare.

Things are beginning to change in our world now. The old world is collapsing in a desperate, but futile attempt to take over. Technologies, like those on this site, will be allowed to come into the world soon. Even if they disrupt all of the existing elite-controlled systems like big Oil/Energy, Big Pharm, etc.

I hope this helps you to understand me and my process.  All of these technologies have been given to me (I had to pull them) by a higher force in the Universe (call it God, if you want).

Tesla tells me that I will live to see many of them being used in everyday life. He does not tell me when that is.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln/Dave Maxwell

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