New Keybase Group – tossoldtech

Our basic technology for transportation and electric motors, generators, batteries, and the Grid are all things our grandfathers and great grandfathers could be up-to-speed with quickly. Part of the problem is technology suppression as big-money interests (government, utilities, and tech) do not want disruptions in their control/profits. The old ways do not want to give way to the new. This also applies to the science and engineering that is being taught; it is done this way (and only this way). They (THEY) are even trying to institutionalize Innovation! Invention must be a team sport with a cast of 1000s; individual inventors or creative small, tight groups will not be permitted. Edison was the original designer of team inventing and everyone knows who he was. Tesla was the epitome of the brilliant lone inventor and almost no one knows who he was.
I am looking to team up with other Inventors like myself. I know, from experience, that there is always another direction or pathways in or out that must be explored. Trouble is that we must have the insight to see it/them.
If you do not know what Keybase is, check it out. While you are there look for me; I am merln there as well. I invite you to join my new group Toss Old Tech (tossoldtech).
Does it sound disruptive enough?
CU There!

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