Our World is Changing Rapidly!!!

The old world is dying fast. Tyrannical governments have overplayed their hands and the people have started revolting. They try the forever lockdown and, next, forced vaccinations that will actually kill many of us. Not going to happen; the energy has shifted. We are now in a Majikal Age and the age-old trick of making us fearful is losing its punch.
Technology is changing as well. It used to be that technologies came from large Government-, university-, or corporate-run laboratories. Inventing was like making a movie; lots of cast and support with the producer (money-man) calling the shots.
That is changing; this site is just one example. Many of us are looking within for answers as we cannot trust the answers we are getting from the “Experts.” Too many lies and the Goal Posts keep on moving.
Let’s look at one of the new technologies; lasers. They are concentrated light and heat that is being used to cut people in surgeries that may be too delicate for a blade. They are also being used to locate and destroy drones, airplanes, and missiles.
The problem with lasers is that they use a lot of electricity to be useful; far too much electricity. The other big problem is range; when the beam cuts through the air, it heats the air and causes something called “Blooming.” The water vapor turns to steam and this limits the range of the beam. Increasingly, to be effective, lasers are being developed that use 100 Megawatts of power for each shot; that will power a small city.
Is there a technological alternative to lasers? Yes. What if a radio wave or radio frequencies (RF) could be modified to have impact or be kinetic. What if it could be shaped to be sharp like a surgeon’s scalpel or be blunt like a battering ram. In both cases, the amount of electrical power being used is a few kilowatts and the range is, essentially, unlimited. Depending on the frequency being used, it can be a kinetic force being sent as a line-of-sight beam or be broadcast as an omnidirectional signal.
Could this Kinetic RF beam be heated up to cauterize a wound? Yes, again with small amounts of comparable power. Can these Kinetic radio waves be used to heat the air to create warmth in a building, tent, or vehicle? Yes, easily and with very little power.
This is another new technology that did not come from a cast of 1000s lab or from techies who have been told what is possible and what’s not. The biggest problem we have with our University system is there is too much knowledge being taught as fact instead of theory; many of our theories are wrong. We are limiting ourselves and we do not even know it.
We are now in a time of Majik. Enjoy!

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