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Revitae Technologies is a holding company for Trade Secret technologies that will change the world.

Most investors seem to be looking for technology companies to invest in.  The first question they ask is “Do you have a Patent?”  A patent is only good for 20 years and can only be defended by expensive court actions in multiple jurisdictions and huge costs in legal fees.  What about the Chinese; they steal Intellectual Property rights all of the time.

All of the technologies discussed on this blog site can be protected using Trade Secret Laws similar to those protecting Coca-Cola in it’s worldwide operations.  The big issue in using Trade Secret Laws is whether the technology can be reverse engineered.  Certain aspects of all of the technologies presented here cannot be reverse engineered or use a process that is new and can be protected as a Trade Secret.

The big advantage of Trade Secret protection is that it does not expire, ever.

Revitae Technologies invites investors who want to be part of private holding companies to develop and market these technologies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  the rest of the world and, eventually, off planet.

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  1. Kish says:

    Count me in

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