Revitae Update

I am an energetic being and I know that I get my ideas in conversations with Spirit. I communicate with the Spirit of Nikola Tesla; I must keep asking the “right” questions and getting “yeses” to continue.  It is much like learning to ask questions on the Internet. Another way of putting this is that I “channel” Tesla; not the band, not the car, but the man who invented the alternator generator, alternating current and the Grid.  Without Tesla’s contributions, none of us would have electricity for anything.

We are in transition from an old energy that was based on fear, force and control and resisted any change for the better; that was Darkness and is now called, Turquoise. We are now in Aqua energy, formerly called Light. Why the change in terminology?  Darkness and Light were at opposite sides of the spectrum; they were poles apart and it was difficult for anyone to move from Darkness to Light with all of those shades of Grey.  Now, with Aqua and Turquoise, they are right next to each other in the color scheme; now, it is much easier for anyone on the Dark side to move to the Light side.

I don’t add stuff frequently to this site and was wondering why I kept on getting subscribers.  Finally, I realised that something energetic was going on and “asked” about it.  Apparently, Darkness/Turquoise has been messing with me because it did not want me to bring these ideas into the world. It was unable to block me from publishing these ideas, but it has been able to block most people from commenting on them or contacting me. Oddly enough, it was not able to block people from subscribing.

So…Here is the big update. Enough Aqua energy is now available to prevent Darkness from messing with me, or, more importantly, you.  If you want to help me bring these ideas into the world, tell me. Send emails to

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