Water Repelling Alloy

This is a new alloy that has the properties of repelling water when powered by Direct Current electricity that comes from batteries or solar panels.

If a ships’ or yacht’s hull was covered with this alloy, it would tend to lift itself out of the water when enough DC power is applied. This has many potential applications from being lifted out of the water or moving into a floating dry dock to passing trough water that is too shallow.

This can be accomplished by using a form-fitting shell made from this alloy to accommodate different sized hulls.

Other, perhaps more practical, applications would be to use this alloy as a pipe leading to a shower head which could compress the water for a more vigorous, higher-pressure spray. This could be controlled individually with a rheostat.

8 Responses to Water Repelling Alloy

  1. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    Could this alloy propel watercraft through the water, and enable water pumps to function, all without the need for moving parts?

    • Merln says:

      Think of a jet ski, it uses a rapidly spinning impeller to push
      the water out as a jet. Yes, this water repelling alloy will do that efficiently.
      Whether it used alone or with the impellers if the question. Same for water pumps.
      Here’s a thought, imagine a fully loaded super tanker floating in 3 feet of water.

      • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

        That would be quite impressive. Now, what about a submarine?

        • Merln says:

          That gets back to your observation of using this for propulsion;
          this alloy would give any submarine a nearly silent thrust system
          except when they were going too fast. There would, also, be no
          cavitation wake, from propelor blades, to follow.

          • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

            Fascinating. How would you compare this to the Magnetohydrodynamic Drive in the Hunt for Red October? Mind you, I never read the novel, nor have I seen the movie, so I would not know if there was a difference.

          • Merln says:

            Other than being a silent drive, not the same idea. Red October has a
            caterpillar drive, this is a force that pushes the water away from the

  2. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    “Whether it used alone or with the impellers if the question. Same for water pumps.”
    Hypothetically speaking, I would use this alloy without the propellers, whether to propel ships across the ocean or to pump water, because if there were no moving parts involved, then there would not be so much noise, nor would there be any need for maintenance or repair. Imagine if you combined this with your Desalination alloy.

    • Merln says:

      Love the idea. Combining both alloys is a great fit.
      Like the alloy that gets heavier or lighter, the water alloy
      can attract or repel. They can be used together to produce
      a high volume water jet with variable thrust.

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